About us
About Us

Flexachem UK Ltd have been a pivotal supplier of process valves and equipment, most notably safety orientated items such as bursting discs, flame arrestors, tank venting valves and pressure relief valves, into the UK markets for over 25 years. 

Our focus has been the supply of process equipment to the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, power, oil & gas and food & beverage sectors. However, over the last 8 years this has developed in to a whole host of different industry sectors, from the small micro-brewery to a world leader in Formula 1 motorsport. The constant in all this is our drive to offer a level of service second to none, coupled with the right products.

Part of our success has been in the selection of the right product range for our customers, these include; flame arrestors, tank breather valves, specialist industrial and sanitary ball valves, bursting discs, safety valves, hygienic process equipment, steam equipment, pumps and much more. Our products are backed up with an excellent technical and after sales service, both from Flexachem UK Ltd and our manufacturing partners.

Flexachem UK Ltd, are not a catalogue sales company, we are here to service your requirements - no matter how big or small, how easy or complicated the process may be. Let us work with you to achieve your objectives and build a long-lasting relationship.

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