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Flame Arrestors

Flexachem UK Ltd’s approach to plant safety continues with their range of flame arrestors and combined breather valves. Flame arresters serve as secondary explosion protection for hindering the transmission of flames or explosions in machines, equipment and plants that contain combustible gas or steam-air mixtures of combustible fluids. Designed, manufactured and tested according to the Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX114) and ISO 16852, they are protective devices that limit the effect of explosions by preventing the transmission of flames whilst still allowing flow of gases.

Our flame arresters and vents incorporate impressive features including compact and light design, minimum pressure losses and variable flow rate in the same connection nominal diameter. The easy to disassemble design ensures a quick replacement of spare parts.

The range consists of deflagration and detonation arrestors with a choice of in line and end of line units in a variety of materials, the below options will give you a more detailed product description and technical details. If you prefer, please also feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.

End Of Line Flame ArrestorEnd Of Line Flame Arrestor In Line Flame ArrestorIn Line Flame Arrestor

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