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Safety Relief Valves

Flexachem UK Ltd have a strong reputation for supplying quality products, with safety relief valves being one of our leading product ranges.

At Flexachem UK Ltd we have an in depth knowledge of a full range of valves for numerous applications, whether it be a single basic valve that vents to air, or a large project with inter-linked pilot operated, pneumatically controlled systems.

Our product range encompasses valves according to a variety of international codes and regulations, such as EN-Directives, ASME-Standards, UV stamp, N stamp, Lloyds, ABS, DNS, TSSA, GOST R, EDF and many more.

These products also cover a wide range of industries such as the Chemical industry, Petrochemical, Power generation and supply, Water, Refineries, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage to name a few.

As well as supply, we can also offer on-site commissioning for new projects and repair and overhaul of existing equipment of any manufacturer.

The details contained below are to give you an idea of what we can offer. We have many more models available to suit most applications so please contact us with your specific requirements and we will be happy to assist.

General and Compact Safety Relief ValveGeneral and Compact Safety Relief Valve API Safety Relief ValvesAPI Safety Relief Valves High Performance Safety Relief ValvesHigh Performance Safety Relief Valves Pilot Operated Safety Relief ValvesPilot Operated Safety Relief Valves Sanitary Safety Relief ValvesSanitary Safety Relief Valves

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