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Bursting Discs

Flexachem UK Ltd offer a wide range of metal and graphite bursting discs and related over-pressure protection products. With 90+ years of experience in the field of manufacturing rupture discs our supply partner has a successful history in supplying to a vast and broad spectrum of industries with their products.

The range consists of reverse acting discs, forward acting discs, graphite discs, holders, vent panels, alarm burst indication, ultra low bi-directional discs, sanitary discs, extrusion burst plugs and a variety of accessories such as gauges and vent valves.

One of the many benefits, and also a great selling point of these discs, is that in many instances they can be manufactured to fit other manufacturers' holders, therefore, reducing the need for expensive modifications to pipework.

Certifications include AD2000 Merkblatt-HP0, ASME UD, ATEX, KOSHA, NB and of course PED.

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