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Steam is one of the most widely used forms of energy in industry and wherever it’s used, it is important that it is managed correctly. A poorly maintained system is not only costly but potentially dangerous, therefore it is vital that the product you install gives reliable service and is checked regularly via systems including such things as steam trap surveys.

Flexachem UK Ltd can supply a full range of steam process equipment from a simple on/off isolation valve or self-acting temperature control valve through to a full range of steam traps, safety relief valves, pneumatically & electrically actuated control valves and complete skid mounted heat exchange systems.

Flexachem UK Ltd work closely with its principle partners so you can rest assured that all our products come with full technical support and after sales service, all backed by the manufacturer.

And when it comes time for your insurance inspection or to service / repair these products, Flexachem UK Ltd will be pleased to help, ensuring that you are back up and running with the minimum amount of down time.

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