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Tank Blanketing

Tank Blanketing also known as Nitrogen Blanketing or Tank Padding is a system where an inert gas such as Nitrogen is introduced into the vapour space at the top of a tank. This is to eliminate the oxygen which can have a degrading effect on the media stored or create a potentially dangerous atmosphere when storing flammable liquids.

It’s important that once this safe atmosphere has been established, it is continuously controlled, this is done using a blanketing valve. The valve is connected to a higher-pressure supply of the inert gas which is then reduced to a level suitable to the tank and process.

The blanketing valve supplies an initial controlled amount of lower pressure gas into the tank, as the pressure drops within the tank below a set level, due to the media being pumped out or temperature change, the valve then senses this drop and opens to maintain the safe non-flammable atmosphere.

Flexachem UK Ltd can supply a complete range of valves including normal tank padding, pressure sustaining or de-padding valves. We are even able to supply a complete tank purging system to your specific requirements.

Nitrogen Tank Blanketing ValveNitrogen Tank Blanketing Valve Nitrogen Tank Back Pressure ValveNitrogen Tank Back Pressure Valve

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