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Tank Venting

Whatever you are storing, it’s critical that your tank is in the best possible condition to protect your staff, your product and the environment. Over the last 25 years Flexachem UK Ltd has built an unrivalled reputation in supplying quality products that ensure your tank and its contents are protected.

With this experience and working with your engineers, Flexachem UK Ltd are able to use your process data to correctly size and specify the safety equipment required to protect your tank and keep your product in its optimum condition.

Using a range of carefully selected manufacturers, we can supply a range of tank protection equipment including low pressure tank breather vents, pressure only or vacuum only vents, gauge hatches, emergency vents, manways, along with pilot operated relief valves and overflow valves. 

All valves can be manufactured in a range of materials e.g. carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy, aluminium, exotic alloys and plastics such as polypropylene. We also have the option for steam jacketed vents.

Our vents come with PED and ATEX conformity on the complete range whether it be a spring loaded, weight loaded, open to atmosphere or closed piped away unit.

We have exported our products throughout the world and are able to deliver to tight deadlines. In addition we have a fully supported backup team able to inspect, re-calibrate and supply spares to keep your plant running smoothly.

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